Yogis And Surfers Are Most Attractive On Online Dating Sites -- Here's Why

The good folks at Wired recently culled through copious amounts of data from online dating sites OKCupid and Match.com to uncover what exactly makes a successful online dating persona.

Among the many interesting nuggets (e.g. selfie shots are OK for women, but not for men), they discovered the most attractive hobbies to include in your profile. Amazingly, "yoga" and "surfing" are among the most desirable activities for both men and women. Wired dismisses this phenomenon as "either desirable singles are super mellow or it’s aspirational, and everyone wants to be mellow," but we think there's more to the appeal of surfers and yogis than their chill-factor.

Below, 7 reasons everyone should date a surfer or a yogi:

1. They're driven, but in a noncompetitive way.
While you can do both activities with other people, surfing and yoga are inherently personal hobbies. The people who practice them are focused on pushing themselves for self-improvement, not outside metrics of success, and they look for personal satisfaction rather than outside validation.

2. They tend to live in or travel to beautiful places.
Ask a surfer or yogi where they want their next vacation to be and they probably won't disappoint you. From Kauai to Bali, surfers and yogis are drawn to remote, idyllic settings to practice their craft and they usually know the importance of making the time for such retreats.

3. They have great bodies.
This is an obvious one, but worth noting. After all, have you ever seen an out of shape surfer or yogi?
attractive man yoga

4. They attack their days.
Early morning is usually the best time for waves and the ideal time to awaken the body so many surfers and yogis get up early before work to squeeze in a session. Why does this matter in a relationship? Because it shows that you like to start your days off right and that you can make room for your passions alongside your responsibilities. Yogis and surfers live a carpe diem lifestyle -- who doesn't want a bit of that in their life?

5. They're patient.
Yoga is the pursuit of inches; it can take months or even years for devoted yogis to perfect a pose just so. Meanwhile, surfers are at the mercy of the ocean; they might sit out in the water for hours before a good set rolls in. What does this mean for relationships? These people don't give up and they understand the value of delayed gratification. A patient partner knows a relationship isn't always perfect and happiness can't always be instantaneous, but both are worth the wait.
surfer waiting

6. They embrace nature.
Unlike surfing, yoga doesn't have to be done outdoors, but as any yogi can attest, it's just so.much.better.that.way. But why does a love of nature equate to more attractive online personas? Pretty simple, actually. Study after study has shown that spending time outdoors leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Yogis and surfers recognize the importance of getting outdoors and make a more conscious effort to make it happen on a regular basis. It's like a secret code to potential suitors: this person is happier and healthier than the workaholic who listed video games, movies and clubbing as his interests.
yoga outdoors

7. They really are more mellow.
Ok, it's true. It's very hard to find an uptight surfer or yogi. Both activities are known for instilling a laid back and relaxed lifestyle -- a lifestyle where people learn to go with the flow and accept things outside of their control. This is perhaps the most aspirational quality of the two hobbies, but just by pursuing their passions, surfers and yogis show a commitment to leading more mellow, sane lives than most of us.
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