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Yoga: The Quiet Revolution

We intend that our vision inspires those seekers who have been discouraged by a purely physical vision of yoga to experience the vast spaciousness and all-embracing perspective of yoga.
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All across the world, in response to the stress of our growing world crisis, millions of people are turning to yoga as a way of discovering the peace which can be experienced within the body, heart and mind. This peace has been described in all the mystical traditions as the primordial gift of the source.

For yoga to be truly transformative, it needs to return to its ancient roots in a universal mystical vision that celebrates the body as the creation and temple of divine consciousness. The danger of a great deal of the modern teaching of yoga is that it either glosses over or ignores this essential teaching in favor of a seductive emphasis on optimal health and physical appearance. While these are, of course, radiant by-products of yoga, they were never intended as its exclusive goal.

Thankfully, there is now a gathering movement within the yoga community to take the instruction and practice of yoga beyond these limited goals. It is to illumine and crystallize this movement that we have written "Heart Yoga," which both returns yoga to its ancient roots in the Hindu tradition, and marries it, in very simple and potent ways, to the evolutionary mysticism of other mystical traditions.

The body is an exquisite crystallization of spiritual and psychic forces. This view is corroborated by the latest discoveries of modern physics, which reveal that matter is light-energy. When the body is consciously experienced as concentrated light-energy, it can be profoundly affected, and a wholly new level of dynamic healing and transformation is accessible.

This is not a truth known only to great yogis -- it is actually something that many people have already experienced. Remember those moments when you have felt great bliss, ecstasy or sudden rushes of energy through your body. These may have come to you while deeply connecting with a loved one, listening to great music, being outside in the majesty of nature, in the tender joy after lovemaking, or when you felt at one with all Creation. All these are moments when the essential light-energy of the body and your essential nature as crystallized consciousness are revealed to you. These direct experiences allow you to open to the mystery of the subtle anatomy of the body.

The aim of heart-centered yoga is not only to make the body healthier and more supple. This yoga also creates an open and spacious foundation to receive the direct transforming energies of the divine light consciousness. Eventually every cell can enter into lucid, joyful and constantly regenerative communion with its origin. We are here to embody spirit.

Our prayer for our work, "Heart Yoga," is threefold. First, we hope that it will inspire all those who have already tasted the benefits of yoga for promoting health and well being. May these beings be encouraged to go much deeper into the direct relationship in and through their body with the divine consciousness that resides in every cell, and that is concentrated, as all the mystical traditions tell us, in the heart center.

Secondly, we intend that our vision inspires those seekers who have been discouraged by a purely physical vision of yoga to dive into its authentic healing waters, and to experience the vast spaciousness and all-embracing perspective of yoga.

Thirdly, we pray that "Heart Yoga" will be a wonderful gift to all those who are activists on the front line working peacefully to preserve our world. Through the great stress and demands on their energies, may it keep their hearts, minds, bodies and souls illumined and compassionate.

Through a simple yoga practice connected with the ancient wisdom of mystical tradition, people will find the strength, courage and inspiration so necessary to sustain them through our difficult times.