8 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Dairy Treat (Hint: It Comes In Greek)

8 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Greek Yogurt

There’s no ignoring America's ever-growing obsession with yogurt, particularly that of the Greek variety. In just a few short years, this rich, protein-packed variation has risen in popularity from just one percent of the yogurt market to roughly 44 percent.

Greek yogurt is everywhere. But how much do you really know about the creamy treat that's taking over the world?

To help bring you up to speed, we’ve partnered with Yoplait Greek to create this list of little known facts and tidbits about – yup, you guessed it: yogurt.

It’s actually Turkish.
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"Yogurt," unlike many English words, does not have a Greek origin. While the true etymology of the word remains unknown, we do know that it's derived from the Turkish word yoğurt, which comes from the Old Turkish root yog, meaning “to condense or intensify.”
Yogurt was created by accident.
While yogurt manufacturing has evolved over time, many historical accounts attribute the origins of the creamy treat to primitive methods of milk storage in containers made of animal stomachs. The natural enzymes from these animal parts would curdle the milk, resulting in what we now know as yogurt.
It's good for your skin.
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Not only is yogurt a delicious and healthy snack option, it contains high levels of lactic acid that promote healthy skin. Dating back to ancient India, yogurt has long been used as a natural moisturizer to revitalize dull, dry skin.
Greek is rapidly dominating the dairy aisle.
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Move over regular yogurt! According to the Wall Street Journal, more than a third of yogurt in an average grocery store is now Greek.
It can help keep digestion in check.
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Yogurt contains active cultures, also known as “good bacteria,” that help to regulate food digestion and prevent problems such as gas and bloating.
Greek has double the protein, for double the fun
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Let’s get this straight: Both Greek and regular yogurt make convenient and healthy snacks. However, Greek yogurt packs an extra punch with nearly two times the protein compared to more traditional varieties.
It can help boost your immune system.
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Yogurt contains beneficial bacterial cultures that can help enhance activity in your immune system.
Greek yogurt can be a delicious addition to literally every meal.
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With fewer calories than many other food choices, Greek yogurt’s thick, creamy texture makes it a yummy substitute for high calorie add-ons like cream cheese, oil, butter, sour cream and mayonnaise. Add Yoplait Greek yogurt to your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert with these scrumptious recipes.
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