Yogurt Recipe: How To Make Greek Yogurt 'Cookie Dough'

This has the potential to be delicious.

Spoonfuls of peanut butter or ice cream are a tempting solution to a sweet tooth or a stressful mood. A particularly stressful mood might call for spoonfuls of something even sweeter -- cookie dough. While such indulgences can leave you feeling satiated in the short run, a more nutritious snack would leave you with more energy in the long run. Which is why Katy of The Suburban Girl Gone Country created a recipe for a cookie dough-like treat that uses Greek yogurt rather than sticks of butter and cups of sugar.

"Usually, I just eat peanut butter out of the jar with chocolate chips sprinkled on top," she writes of her snacking routine. "I thought of a way to enjoy my indulgence with less guilt; mix those two ingredients with something that is healthy and filling – Greek yogurt! This totally does it for me."

The recipe blends Greek yogurt, any variety of nut butter, a sweetener such as honey, vanilla and chocolate chips. We think this has the potential to be delicious, but could also be an unfortunate case of two rights making a wrong. We're big fans of Greek yogurt, and we adore peanut butter, but perhaps these ingredients are better on their own. What do you think?

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