Yoko Ono's Twitter Account Is The Holy Scripture Of Self-Care

In times like these, her pithy and poetic mantras are exactly what we need.

In this dark hellscape we call reality, it can be hard to scroll through Twitter without having the urge to throw your laptop or cell phone into the nearest bottomless crevasse. But there is one noble Twitter user guaranteed to transform your fermenting feelings of rage into a peaceful, productive state of mind.

That social media savior is Yoko Ono

We have long been devoted followers of Ono’s poetic, strange and insightful Twitter feed. But since President Donald Trump’s inauguration and the barrage of controversial news online, we’ve been especially drawn to her pithy instructions for staying sane.

In today’s political environment, many citizens feel it’s their duty to be constantly vigilant, calling out and resisting corruption and bigotry of all forms. This kind of perpetual alertness isn’t easy. Thankfully, since Jan. 20, Ono has been offering helpful tips for partaking in basic but vital acts of self-care. 

Ono’s humble mantras provide blueprints for avoiding dangerous thought patterns and overwhelming feelings of helplessness. Recommending simple rituals and small acts of kindness, Ono provides guidelines for taking care of your beautiful self and helping to forge a caring, peaceful world. 

As always, thanks, Yoko. 

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Yoko Ono