The Yolkfish Is The Cutest Tool For Separating Eggs

Separating yolks from whites has never been cuter.

There will come a time in your life when you'll need to separate an egg yolk from the white. When this time comes, let this adorable Yolkfish help you out.

Separating the yolk from the white can be trickier and messier than you think, but this cute little goldfish makes it really easy. You simply crack a whole egg into a container, and use the fish to "swallow" up the yolk and "spit" it out into a separate container. Looking beyond the regurgitation theme here, this handy device is super cute.

So if you don't want to crack an egg over a slotted spoon to catch the yolk, use an empty bottle as your aid, or do the traditional passing the yolk back and forth from one half of an empty shell to the next, this little fish may be your answer.

Watch this video to see how the Yolkfish works. It might also makes you want to dance.

The Yolkfish was created by Tel-Aviv-based Peleg Design, and is available for $16.99.

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