YOLO, FOMO, JOMO -- Why Don't We Just Say Yes?

I subscribe to a "yes" philosophy, by which I mean I try to say yes as much and as widely as possible. Yes to spending more time doing the things I love with the people I love, yes to trying new things, yes to pushing my limits and taking on new challenges.

A simple, but supremely powerful three letter word.

So, with an apparent love for plain English, you can imagine my confusion with the "youth of today's" ongoing commitment to speaking in acronyms.

I am aware I have now made myself sound incredibly old, so I should probably tell you that I am 30, rather than 60 as you have probably started to suspect. But the straw that broke this camel's back came in the form of JOMO.

For the uninitiated amongst you, though I fear that I may have been the only one left, that's joy of missing out. Yes, JOY.

It is almost as much of a contradiction in terms as that time some bright spark decided that 'sick' actually meant you know, like really cool.

If you are joyful about missing out on something, surely you aren't missing out at all?!

Now, I appreciate I am very late to the JOMO party (oops, sorry, I forgot that JOMO-ers love to skip a party). Apparently 2014 was the year of JOMO. But hey, I'm a later-comer. I didn't come around to skinny jeans until it was practically the only jean silhouette you could purchase, but I still felt like I was coming over all hipster rocking the black skinnies look 10 years after they first graced Stella McCartney's autumn / winter catwalk.

Sorry, I digress...

I haven't always been so skeptical about acronym-itis. I could fully subscribe to the YOLO movement. Because you do in fact only live once.

Even a bit of FOMO seemed to be feasible; with every detail of your friend's cousin's sister-in-law's perfect life constantly flaunted in front of your face all over Facebook -- it's hard to shun a Fear Of Missing Out completely.

But feeling happy about missing things? No, that can't be right. If staying in and having a giggle with your friends is your thing. Or having a bit of "me" time is necessary to your feeling of zen - then you are not missing out at all by turning down the latest swanky party invitation. (I don't actually get many swanky party invitations, but Instagram assures me the rest of you do.) You are just saying yes to the things you love.


So why don't we start ourselves a brand new acronym. What about, As Long As You Are Saying Yes To Things You Love You're Not Missing Out (AYAS YTTY LYNM -- okay, it's not particularly catchy, is it?)

Sod it, let's just go for some plain English. Let's not pretend we find joy in missing out. Nor succumb to an anxiety-ridden world filled with a Fear Of Missing Out. Let's just embrace Yes.

Let's shout it loud and proud and let that be our philosophy. After all, it secured its slot in the dictionary long before YOLO reared its head, and it basically means the same thing. Right?


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