5 Dead After Small Plane Crashes Into Southern California House

The plane’s only occupant, a male pilot, perished in the crash. Four other people who were inside the home also died.

At least five people are dead after a small plane crashed into a house in Southern California on Sunday afternoon. 

Speaking to reporters on Sunday night, Lt. Cory Martino of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said the plane’s only occupant, a male pilot, had perished in the crash. Four other people who were inside the Yorba Linda home that the Cessna 414A hit also died.

While the victims have not yet been identified, Martino confirmed they were two males and two females. 

“In addition, two victims were transported to the hospital with moderate injuries,” Martino said. “We do not have an update on their condition at this time.”

Earlier, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer told HuffPost via email that the plane had crashed “under unknown circumstances” after departing from nearby Fullerton Municipal Airport. 

“Local authorities said there are injuries on the ground,” Kenitzer said. “They also said that only the pilot was on board the aircraft.”

Initial reports suggested two homes had become engulfed in flames after the incident. However, the Orange County Fire Authority later clarified that only one structure was involved. 

Images from the aftermath of the incident showed debris strewn across the residential street where the plane crashed:

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

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