You Ain't From New York If...

A few weeks ago, my Twitter feed was spammed with tweets with the hashtag #youaintfromnewyork. As a New Yorker, I was intrigued to see what this new trending topic was all about. Inspired by these tweets, I decided to compile my own list of "you ain't from New York" facts.

1. You ain't from New York if you love Times Square.


It's crowded, noisy and annoying. If you love Times Square you must be a tourist and not a real New Yorker.

2. You ain't from New York if you haven't been bombarded by guys handing out mix tapes.

This happens to me EVERY DAY. As I walk home from school on Fifth Avenue, I am constantly bombarded by guys trying to promote their music by handing out their latest mix tape. Don't get me wrong; I'm very into music, especially hip-hop. But when a guy will literally stop in his tracks and follow me for two minutes trying to shake my hand in order to talk to me directly, it gets a little out of hand.

3. You ain't from New York if your wallet hasn't looked like this at one point.


Fun fact: this is an actual picture of my wallet. I have at least five MetroCards in my wallet at all times. I don't know how much money is on each of them and I never check. I just go through them and keep swiping until I find one that has enough money to get me through the turnstile.

4. You ain't from New York if you haven't encountered a performer in the subway who begins by saying "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen... "

SNL actually did an amazing skit, which was somewhat accurate to actual subway performers. Real New Yorkers find this skit hilarious.

5. You ain't from New York if you haven't stopped to get one of these on the corner.


Once the weather is feeling warm in New York, these little carts full of Italian ices roll up onto city streets. If you haven't heard a Hispanic lady shouting "Mango, coconut, rainbow!" on the street, you ain't from New York.

6. You ain't from New York if you haven't taken a class trip to the Bronx Zoo.


My childhood was full of school trips to the Bronx Zoo. I have to say my favorite part was the cracker and apple juice snack at the end of the trip.

7. You ain't from New York if you don't have one of these in your car.


This is the ONLY way to get between boroughs (unless you take the 59th Street bridge -- congested -- or if you take a subway, but you might run into some crazy performers or people handing out mixtapes).