You Almost Had US Fooled

You Almost Had US Fooled
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President Donald Trump is enigmatic with his shifting ideas and uncommon approach to political mannerisms. His approach to politics has been called a crazy form of Nixon’s Madman Theory. Yet, what if this is not a crazy form of the Madman Theory? It could possibly be an updated form of it, for example when he pardoned Joe Arpaio; he was considering the ratings of the release. In addition, he has hired a staff of former lobbyists (educated bunch) that are in more favor of businesses than most presidencies as well as a slew of talented right-leaning people, which some had to leave due to one reason or another.

Recently, Mr. Trump has meet with Democrats Representatives to make a deal with them to pass a spending bill that raises the debt ceiling. This action may have been taken to nudge Republican Representatives to fall in line due to their fail with the Affordable Care Act. Also, it has caused some confusion on the right on what is Mr. Trump’s next action. But, it might be a calculated move by his team and him in hopes to demonstrate to voters that he is willing to do what Republican Representatives were unable to do, which may be a follow-up to his prior threats about them losing their seats. Indications of Mr. Trump's past success that may speak to potential future success in these areas may be seen in a Gallup article that indicated that Republicans voters gave congress a 16% approval rating in August 2017 down 12% from July 2017 as well as another Gallup article that indicates he has a 79% approval rating amongst Republican voters in late of August 2017. So, it seems that most of the theatrics and decisions Mr. Trump is making is to: busy voters on both sides with a constant torrent of information, use the left as best as he can to push the right into compliance, and shame the Republican Representatives in congress to compliance. One example of this is how he was vague on his remarks about the events that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia that had the desired effect of angering the Antileft to aggression. A faint reason his team and him may be taking such actions is they might know that gerrymandering is in the favor of Republicans. Therefore, there is no incentive to appease Democrats because according to a Reddit post explaining the mapping of gerrymandering; one can see a state that unfairly creates its districts allows Republican voters to have more voting strength than a democrat. All Mr. Trump needs is to get a hold of some Republican voters to allow him to get the potential supporters he needs in the United States Congress. One can recall the surveys that were sent to voters of Donald Trump earlier this year to lend some support to this claim.

Yes, this is speculative in nature, but one cannot peer into the black box to garner a better picture. Yet, one must not undermine these actions that are being made by the President because it will lead one to surprises as it has before. Last, one must consider-if he has updated Madman Theory-what is his foreign policy goals? Will we not see similar outcomes and results as was experienced in Richard Nixon's presidency?

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