You And Your Witty Observations

You And Your Witty Observations
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Ever read The New Yorker's "Talk of the Town"? Wikipedia describes it as "a miscellany of brief pieces-frequently humorous, whimsical or eccentric vignettes of life in New York -- written in a breezily light style." Now, imagine that same feature, but people-powered with submissions and stories from a network of thousands around the United States (and world, for those of you out there). Picture funny and playful stories and anecdotes from people about life just weeks before our much-anticipated presidential election.

That's exactly what we'd like to introduce to HuffPost readers, but we need your help.

Think back to what you've seen and heard this week, gossip and all. Think of the interesting stories you've told and been told. Think of those few poignant moments (or crude ones, if you will). Think of what's made you laugh or cry. Most importantly, think of what sticks out to you as worth passing on.

Now write it down in 50-100 words. Use your best prose. Keep it simple and direct. Keep it under 100 words, or else we won't accept it.

Can't think of anything? Pretend you're at a boring work party and need to spice things up. Or maybe a first date, a blind one. What story would you tell from the last week? We've got a fictitious sample at the end of this email.

The best submissions will be published as the first edition of "Eyes And Ears," a new feature here at HuffPost's OffTheBus. Witty and informative, that's what we're shooting for.

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