You Are Not Too Sensitive

You are just plain sensitive.

You may have been too sensitive for your mother to comfortably know how to handle.

You were almost certainly too sensitive for the third grade.

But you are not too sensitive for the world.

And you get to roam the vast spectrum of sensitivity - you get to be everything from a sop to a doe-eyed innocent to a gleeful angel dancing on a pin. You think stones have feelings. Or at least magical powers. And sometimes you can be brutally insensitive, because no one is more insensitive than a sensitive person who is, in that moment, not being very sensitive.

But most of the time, you are sensitive.

The world needs your sensitivity.

Think of it this way: your sensitivity is a gift (heaven knows you didn't ask for it) and what do we do with gifts? We give them to people.

So share your sensitive perspective with the world. Not the cold, hard, scornful world, of course - share your sensitivity with the world that finds you wonderful.

This does imply an obligation on your part, too: you must protect yourself (without being over-protective) and you must nurture yourself (without being too much of a baby about it) and you must be brave in showing the world your tender, highly attuned, near-psychic, gentle, wiry, sensible, sensitive self.