You Are the Genie, You Own the Lamp

As I got older, I stopped believing in magic and Santa and the Easter Bunny but in truth, we are magic. We don’t even have to go looking for it, our words are magic. Our words and our beliefs create our lives.

I was in the car on the way to the university where I teach and listening to an inspirational CD. I switched to radio and was singing along with the holiday music. Suddenly I was moved to say three things. I said them out loud and I said them with lightness:

  1. I surrender, I am willing to be seen again.
  2. I would love more coaching clients to come to me.
  3. I think it would be fun to be showered with joy and gifts.

Around that time there was an insurance commercial of a man who was polishing an old lamp. Out pops an indifferent turbaned genie who asks, “Vhat is your vish?” The man, all excited, says, “One million bucks!” The screen is instantly filled with one million bucks — each with four legs, antlers and fur. What happened to me was like that…minus the bucks.

I got to school and had a few extra hours between when I finished classes and our student concert began. I offered one of my students, who was behind in her work, an extra session. I asked that she bring me some food so I could finish teaching and get to the concert on time. She brought me a beautiful salad. I reached for my wallet and she said, “No, it’s my gift to you.” My old self would have protested. My present self (the one that is learning to receive) felt utter joy, and simply said thank you.

Next miracle. I got to the concert early and one of my colleagues came up to me and said I’m going through a really difficult time, I need your wisdom. I asked, you mean a coaching session? Yes. We set up coaching for the following week.

I spent 40 years in the spotlight on stages all over the world. I was very visible! Theater and music were my refuge where I could transform pain into beauty. After 2002, except for teaching and study, I retreated to a cave of my own making. In that time I became a life and career coach, wrote books and honed my healing gifts. Now it is time for me to get out there and share what I have learned, but after so many years of being in a cave, that seems daunting and difficult.

I got home late that night and looked through the pile of mail and looked at our small local newspaper. Guess who was on the front page? There I was, surrounded by the kids from Career Day.

This is simple, astounding proof that our wishes and words have power.

You have the power. You have the choice. What is your heart’s desire?

  1. Say it out loud
  2. Say it with lightness
  3. Release your expectations

So be it.

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