You Are the Key Puzzle Piece

Ever start doing a jigsaw puzzle, know you have all the pieces but can't quite seem to get them to look like the quaint, snow covered cottage photo on the box? Conflicting feelings of frustration and determination set in and you slowly start piecing the pieces together. This is how I feel about creating a sustainable world. The people and ideas are out there, but when everyone is working separately its just a jumbled mess. In order to create a cohesive vision of this future, we have to come together, and connect the pieces to see the big picture.

This is what the Connecting for Change conference is all about -- People coming together to share their knowledge and connect for a better tomorrow. For three days in late October, New Bedford, MA becomes the place where all of the pieces can come together. The idea is that by combining forces, we can make the world a better place for everyone to enjoy. Can you be there?

The speakers include Greg Mortenson, Van Jones, Annie Leonard and many more. The workshops range from Uninhibited joy, to food and water systems, to movement building so there is really something for everyone. When all of these pieces work together, will have created the change we want to see in our world.

Together, we can put the puzzle pieces together and really have an impact on the world. The Connecting for Change conference is a frame where you can see where your piece fits into the puzzle. It is being held October 22-24 in New Bedford, MA. Get your tickets here.