This Woman Is Documenting The Reality Of Life With Schizophrenia

Emily Robinson's mother has lived with the disorder for decades.

Those without Schizophrenia may never completely grasp what it's like to struggle with the mental disorder, but one woman is giving us the chance to take a glimpse into that world.

In April, Emily Robinson, whose mom Cindy was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in her early 20s, created a project called You Are In This World to document her mother's ups and downs with the disorder. Through the project, Emily shares photos, videos and frank posts about her family's experiences -- from both the perspective of a caregiver and someone with the disorder.

"Imagine all of the stress of your day and then put some negative voices telling you nasty things," Emily said. "The chaos of that in your mind would be enough to make anyone feel abused inside of their body."

Emily said that people can easily misunderstand the mental illness and become "frightened" of people who have it.

"What people need to understand is that when someone is behaving that way they are so sick. They are a victim of their illness," she said.

Ultimately, she hopes to humanize the issue for people who would otherwise be unfamiliar with it.

"The point of this project is I want people to see ... this is my mom," she said. "There's a real person in there that belongs to someone, who's loved by someone, who loves other people just like we all do as humans."

Watch the powerful footage in the video above.

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