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You Are What You Eat and What You Wear

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Did you do anything for Earth Day? (By the way it was last month if you missed it.) Did you notice people wearing clothes inside out with the tag showing days later? That wasn't just sloppy dressing or people getting dressed it the dark. It was an actual statement and show of solidarity in a day of remembrance for the victims of Rana Plaza, the horrific garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. Many people took pictures of it to post to social media with #fashionrevolution in an effort to create awareness and change so that such a tragedy never happens again.

To an outsider, let's be honest, fashion can seem like a frivolous self-absorbed industry where the only is goal to make people look good and make serious bank- two pretty superficial attributes. But just like where we are heading with our food, the tide is changing in this country and we as consumers want more. We are starting to pay more attention to where clothes are coming from- who is making them, what fabrics are being used and what natural resources are being sourced.

I find it funny how people are surprised when comedians, like myself give attention to a topic like this. Comics have a serious side too. But I am more than a comedian. I'm a mom, a wife, a businesswoman and someone who cares deeply about the environment especially now that I have a legacy that will be greatly affected by what we have done and how we're currently treating our planet.

As a global citizen I am doing my best to minimize my carbon footprint. I don't use chemicals in my cleaning products- I'm basically a vinegar, baking soda and essential oils kinda girl. I make my own baby food that I do my best to buy from farmers' markets as often as I can. We even use cloth diapers! My husband and I joke that we do this because we love the environment and hate ourselves. Seriously, have you ever had to clean a blow-out from a cloth diaper? It's a dirty job even Mike Rowe would pass on.

With this legitimate concern I have regarding the things that go into my family's and my body it only made sense to start paying attention to what goes ON my body too. When you think about it--our skin IS our largest organ so it was kind of a "Duh!" revelation. So began I researching earth friendly textiles and I came across a brand called Ecocouture. I immediately fell in love; not just with the clothes themselves, but with the mission of such an environmentally conscious company -- how could I not when their tag line and philosophy is: Responsible. Life. Style.

Because I am often in front of an audience or a camera I don't want to just feel good, I want to look good. It's fantastic to know that there are viable options out there. It warms my heart to know that there is a collective movement to make this mainstream. If you're in the same boat of caring about the environment, caring how our fellow human beings are treated and you also care about how you look, be proactive. Do your research too. Make a statement with your attire and make things change for the better. We need to start looking for and supporting more companies like this. Who says fashion and being away and going green can't go hand in hand?

You can read more about Rana Plaza and the fashion revolution in on Ecocouture's blog by Kevin Venkatesh.