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You Can Buy The House From Full House

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Bob D'Amico/ Getty Images.

Real Full House-heads will never see another opportunity like this again.

The iconic Tanner residence from the original sitcom is on the market for a cool $4.15 million, according to

The house sits on 1709 Broderick St., in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood and has a history that extends well before its 1980s rise to prominence. Charles Lewis Hinkel built the house in 1883. The listing describes it as among San Francisco's "finest examples of Italianate, Victorian architecture." To wit, the home features three bedrooms and four bathrooms across is 3,125 square feet. It also houses an office, an eat-in kitchen, and an unmistakably elegant garden.

But those hoping to walk in and be greeted by the familiar Tanner residence will be disappointed. The show itself was, of course, filmed on soundstages nowhere nearby. But you won't miss them long; This house is almost impossibly well-designed. The rooms are cozy without being constrictive. The study, especially, looks like you could lose hours there.

Of course, the architectural style demands a busy approach to decoration. But what would the Full House house be without a house full of furniture?

Check out a video here.

By: Michael Hafford