You Can Dine Nude At This Eatery, Unless You're Old Or Overweight

People of a certain age won't be welcome at this edgy restaurant.

We haven't even seen the menu, but a new Tokyo restaurant has already left a bad taste in our mouths.

Japan's first "naked restaurant" will open its doors in late July and it's not the thought of dining in the nude with strangers that's off-putting. The Amrita has some fairly offensive rules for entry that make it pretty clear they're only welcoming a certain type of guest.

On their website, the restaurant lists restrictions on entry, including weight, age and even body ink. Adult diners over the age of 60 won't be welcome per the upper age limit, and neither will people who are more than 15 kg -- or approximately 33 pounds -- over the average weight for a person of their height. Oh, and no tattoos will be allowed either.

We've heard about alleged age discrimination faced by employees of restaurants, but this is a new one.

As for the appeal of the restaurant, we're not quite sure. Besides the prospect of being turned away for your height and age, the restaurant will require everyone who enters to wear disposable underwear that they will provide. Chic.

The restaurant does, however, promise hunky waitstaff who will be nearly naked. The tickets for the opening weekend are going for over 10,000 Japanese yen each -- or about $94. But, before you eagerly fork over your hard-earned money, know this. Adding insult to injury, those who are deemed not to meet the ageist, sizeist entry requirements will not get a refund.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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