You Can Hear UFC Fighter Face-Slammed To Ground, And It's Sickening

You will not forget this sound.

Galore Bofando threw Charlie Ward head-first to the ground during their UFC bout in Glasgow, Scotland, on Sunday.

The impact could be seen and heard.

Talk about a thump.


Bofando pounced on Ward with a quick flurry afterward but it was basically over once Ward’s noggin’ hit the mat.

Ward reportedly stood up after a few minutes and walked out of the ring under his own power. Fans wished him well on Instagram. 

According to MMA Junkie, it was Bofando’s first UFC bout.

Here’s a longer look at the match: 

In April 2016 Ward was involved in a controversial match organized by Total Extreme Fighting. He defeated Joao Carvalho, who died two days later after emergency brain surgery.