You Can Now Look Up ‘Manspread’ In The Dictionary

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Thank you, Dictionary gods. 
Thank you, Dictionary gods. 

Readers can now look up the definition of manspreading on Dictionary.com. 

On Tuesday the online dictionary added over 300 new words and definitions to make sure the publication is keeping up with the times. Among the words is one of our all-time favorite love-to-hate terms: manspread.

The word, which is used to describe men who take up too much space on public transit (see here, here and here), has been a point of contention and national conversation over the past few years. Even the NYC Subway M.T.A., comedian Kristen Schaal and Helen Mirren have weighed in on the issue. 

Dictionary.com defined the verb as follows: “To sit with one’s legs far apart, taking up too much space on a seat shared with other people.” (Suggested addition: So, dudes, please stop it.) 

A few other additions to the online dictionary include “intersectionality,” “lumbersexual,” “misgender,” “woke” and “ghosting.”

“Mainstream cultural conversations give Dictionary.com’s lexicographers an endless supply of words to research,” the online dictionary wrote in a recent blog. 

Here’s to calling out manspreaders ― in a clearly defined way. 



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