You Can Now Bet On Trump's Next Controversy

Donald Trump’s presidency has been painfully unpredictable. Presumably he’s got a plan but the world is struggling to keep up. Just yesterday, Trump launched a direct attack on Syria without notifying Congress. It’s an action that’s left most Americans with many questions about what happens next.

It’s that unpredictability that has come to define President Trump’s White House. The constant attacks on the media, Steve Bannon’s strange inclusion and removal on the national security council, and Jared Kushner’s mysterious role in Trump’s cabinet. The tragedy and comedy seems to be happening concurrently and most of us are left scratching our heads wondering when this will all come to an abrupt end.

Well, if you’re a betting person, Paddy Power feels you. The online gambling site has taken to hedging bets on Trump’s unpredictable presidency. So much so that they’re looking to hire a head of Trump betting. Check it out in the video above.