You Can Now Order Plan B On Seamless

If you live in Manhattan, that is.
Insomniac cookies + Plan B = The Perfect Friday Night
Insomniac cookies + Plan B = The Perfect Friday Night

Need some Plan B, but don’t want to leave your apartment? Seamless it. 

According to Reddit user Geneverve, Seamless users can now buy snacks, dinner, dessert and Plan B One-Step; that is, if you live near the Lower East Side in Manhattan. The NYC deli, called Corner Grocer located on Orchard St, lists the emergency contraceptive pill under “New Products Added Recently.” According to The Cut, an employee of Corner Grocer said the store has had the product on Seamless for over six months. 

Corner Grocer describes the item on Seamless as an “emergency contraceptive reduces chance of pregnancy after unprotected sex ― not for regular birth control.”

There is one unfortunate hitch: The bodega lists the item at $76.99, which is about $30 more than Plan B’s average price of $49.99

We checked out Corner Grocer on Seamless and ― to our delight ― Generve was correct. Heaven really is a bodega in NYC place on earth. 

What is life?
What is life?

As one Reddit user commented: “The price of Plan B is 0.007% of raising a child to adulthood. One of the most cost-effective purchases you can make.”




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