You Can Relax Now, Because Netflix Is Streaming Bob Ross

The painting icon's other show, "Beauty is Everywhere," is ready and waiting.

"His teachings are eternal. His hair is immovable. He is Bob Ross."

Netflix tweeted the tagline earlier this week to announce that the streaming service is bringing Bob Ross (aka the nicest painter ever) and his lesser known show "Beauty is Everywhere" to its platform.

Bob Ross, who died in 1995, hosted the "The Joy of Painting" on PBS from 1983 to 1994. It was technically an instructional program, but let's be real. Ross's pearls of wisdom and gentle voice were what made the show worth watching.

Starting this month, fans can watch his other series, the 1991 "Beauty Is Everywhere," on Netflix. Don't worry, it's very similar to the more famous "Joy of Painting" (which is available to watch on YouTube and Hulu).

Moral of the story: Bob is truly back and he’s going to make everything better.

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