You Can Still Sign Up For Health Insurance Today

Experts say it's still a good idea, despite Trump's vow to repeal the Affordable Care Act
You can still sign up if you act fast!
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You can still sign up if you act fast!

The government extended the deadline to sign up for January 1 health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act. The new deadline is today ― December 19.

If you’re concerned that President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to repeal and replace Obamacare means that signing up for the ACA is pointless, experts say it’s a good idea regardless of Trump and health secretary nominee Tom Price’s stated plans.

There is so much uncertainty,” Dr. Dean Blumberg, an associate professor and chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Health Systems, told HuffPost in November. “I’m guessing that if there are any changes to the ACA, they probably won’t go into effect for a year or so.”

Even if changes to the ACA were implemented more quickly, Miriam Laugesen, an associate professor at Columbia University and the author of a book on medical pricing, previously told HuffPost that she hoped those who signed up for ACA health coverage under open enrollment might have their coverage grandfathered in.

“Benefits are not so easy to change overnight.” Laugesen stressed.

Once you’re signed up, keep paying your premiums and let your elected official know that changes to your coverage would negatively affect you.

And if it’s the complexity of picking a plan, rather than political uncertainty that’s been holding you back, here’s a step-by-step guide to picking the right coverage for you. (Because because nobody actually knows how a deductible works off the top of her head.)

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