You Can't Go Wrong with These Fabulous Father's Day Gift Ideas

You Can't Go Wrong with These Fabulous Father's Day Gift Ideas
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It’s time to give Dads the respect that they deserve. They work hard. They play hard. And, on the eve of Father’s Day, it’s time to show your appreciation to your dad and do so by coming up with something better than a handmade ashtray or another silk-feeling tie. A pair of socks or a belt won't do either.

With that said, I get it. It can be tough to get just the right thing because dads have such varying tastes, but there are certain gifts that nearly all dads will go for. Below you’ll find a wide assortment of great suggestions for the belated gift-giver or gift-exchanger, to make this year’s Father’s Day the best one yet—and isn’t that exactly what your dad deserves?

I think so, too! Enjoy.

Bradley Smart Smoker Digital Smoker With Ismoke

Help dad reach the next level in his cooking with the Bradley Smart Smoker Digital Smoker with Ismoke. It has room for 10 racks of food and has Bluetooth technology so it can be controlled from anywhere. Smoking can take a while so this will help dad keep in tune with the smoker while doing his other dadly activities. It has two removable temperature probes to help keep the cooking on track and the fully insulated stainless steel interior makes for an easy clean up and long-lasting material.

David S said that it was, “easy and had everything I was looking for.” So, give your dad the best smoker and you’ll reap the benefits of delicious meals. It's truly a win-win scenario!

Kamado Joe Classic 18-Inch Stand-Alone Ceramic Grill

If your dad wants to do something different for grilling, get him the Kamado Joe ceramic grill! It allows you to cook food at varying levels and temperatures and has an airtight seal. It’s a grill, oven and smoker all in one! You’ll basically be getting your dad three gifts all at once. He can test out every cooking style he’s been dreaming of. With a Kontrol Tower top vent, rain can’t enter but there’s consistent airflow and it has split heat deflectors for direct or indirect cooking.

One product reviewer said of the Kamado Joe, “I felt stupid for not owning this grill sooner” and so will your dad if you don’t give it to him for Father’s Day.

Enso HD Knife Set

For the master chef your dad thinks he is, he’ll need the Enso HD Knife Set. Intricately decorated on the blades, this set comes with a 3.25 inch pairing knife, 6 inch utility knife and an 8 inch chef’s knife. Handcrafted in Seki City, Japan, these knives come with a lifetime warranty and are carefully designed to perfect precision cutting, peeling, chopping and dicing.

One customer said he’s been using the knives for about two months and loves them! They’re an excellent addition to the kitchen to make your dad an iron chef.

Cubii’s Smart Underdesk Elliptical

For all those dads who want to workout, but haven’t done it yet – get him the Cubii! It’s the effortless workout that allows you to multitask while doing an elliptical style rhythm with your feet. Whether he’s sitting at a desk during the workday, sitting on the couch watching television or sitting in the backyard enjoying a burger, he can be burning off those beer belly calories. It even has Bluetooth capability so he can keep track of his movement with things like Fitbit.

DPab623 said, “it is so discreet, most people don’t even know I’m using it.” In other words, your dad can use it anywhere without making noise or taking up too much space. That means he can be burning off calories while hanging out with his buddies watching the game!

SmartStow Lawnmower

Help your dad keep his lawn mowing organized with the Toro Recycler with SmartStow lawnmower. This gift will take up less space in the garage and give him more room to work on all of his other garage projects. Easily storable and very durable, this is the king of lawnmowers that will please mom and dad alike.

One reviewer wrote that the “Personal Pace self-propulsion is great, and it’s rear-wheel drive,” adding that they “love the SmartStow feature.” It goes without saying that these are all great reasons to ensure that this’ll be the perfect gift for dad.

Paper Hatchet 12-Card Collection

For the creative dad who appreciates artistic detail, the Paper Hatchet original collection of 12 cards is a great gift. Printed on cardstock with envelopes, they are incredibly unique cards that will help your dad keep up his cool demeanor. These cards say what dad sometimes can’t and they are perfect for any occasion he’ll need when he puts pen to paper for the musings you can’t afford to miss.

The NIFTY Portable Charger

When your dad is on the go, he'll definitely need a good portable charger. Get him the NIFTY portable charger this Father’s Day because it’s something he will actually use. The NIFTY charger has what's said to be the most powerful chipset on a charger ever and gives more than four individual fast charging technologies. At 24 watts, charging goes twice as fast and it works with all typical devices whether they are Apple or Android.

T. Rafferty said it doesn’t “get hot when charging devices” and the “included cables are rugged and don’t feel cheap at all.” In other words, your dad will feel like you got him only the very best in portable chargers.

Grillbot Black 7.4-Volt Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Battery Automatic Grill Cleaner

While your dad may enjoy barbecuing and making a mess on the grill, if he's like most dads, chances are that he’s a little lazy when it comes to the cleanup. Help him out with the Grillbot! It’ll clean and scrub the grate for him so he doesn’t have to do a thing. With three runtime settings, he can pick whichever matches how big of a mess he made and it works on hot or cold grills up to 250 degrees.

One reviewer said it “Could save your relationship” so you can save your mom and dad’s relationship for them. Think about it this way: It’s the Roomba for cleaning grills and your mom and dad will be doing the rumba when you gift it to your dad for Father’s Day.

Sansaire Searing Kit

Now here’s some fancy cooking for dad – the Sansaire searing kit. This torch will help him to sear like the pros with its extra-large brass tip, run-lock for continuous operation, one-handed ignition with safety lock and a replaceable 16 oz tank. At 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, this torch provides a flame like no other. It’s fast, powerful, safe and offers exceptional control over your searing needs.

Help dad give dinner that golden brown crust you’ve been longing for. Joseph said, “I’m a professional chef and I will say this is one of the best pieces of equipment in my kitchen.” So help give your dad a leg up! You know he wants to be a flame happy master chef.

Crosley Messenger Turntable

For the cool, vintage, music-loving dad, the Crosley Messenger Turntable is the perfect gift. Give him a throwback to the days of spinning records without breaking the bank. The reality is that vinyl has a distinct sound that just can’t be reproduced with all the .mp3 compressions going around these days. Listening to vinyl records has made a comeback, but your dad will love it for more than that. This turntable plays three speeds as well as 7”, 10” and 12” records. It has a diamond stylus needle, manual return tone arm, dynamic full range speaker, auxiliary input, headphone jack and is battery operated.

Victor H called it a "Cute, lightweight device” that is "Excellent for the price!" Dad can take it to whichever room in the house his heart desires and you won't necessarily be stuck listening to his music.

Orbita Piccolo Rotorwind W02754 Single Watch Winder

For the time-keeping, watch-loving dad, the Orbita Piccolo Rotorwind Single Watch Winder is the perfect gift. Designed to fit in a small space, it has durable black leatherette on the exterior and striking red leatherette on the interior. Featuring Orbita’s patented rotorwind technology, it accurately mimics the motions of a wrist. Battery powered and suitable for any watch, this beauty can sit pretty on the shelf keeping dad’s watch on time. Amaze your dad with this special gift that he will never expect you to give him this Father’s Day.

Altec Lansing IMW888-BLG Super Life Jacket Wireless Waterproof Speaker with Microphone

For dads who love to listen to music by the pool or at the beach, the Altec Lansing Super Life Jacket Wireless Speaker is an excellent choice. With dual 2” neodymium woofers and dual 1.2 tweeters, this speaker gives booming dynamic sound. The built-in lithium battery will play music for up to 50 hours on a single charge! Now that’s portability! It’s certified IP68 waterproof rated and has a wireless range of up to 100 ft.

One reviewer said that this is “the best speaker I've ever owned. Aside from being super durable, it also puts out great sound. I highly recommend downloading the app on your smart phone and it allows you to adjust the equalizer to say rock or jazz or vocals and it lets you adjust the bass levels too. Very customizable even with only four buttons on the speaker itself” and you know your dad will absolutely love the portability, durability and overall fun factor!

Variety Crate with Grill Plank

Compliment your dad’s grilling skills with a Variety Crate with a Grill Pack by Woodbridge Grill. This pack comes with three tasty hardwood flavors to up that grill game. Mesquite, toasted oak and applewood are the three tasty options found in these magnetic smoker boxes that keeps your chips together without going to waste soaking. With the ability to grill up to 25 times, it’s the zest that keeps on giving!

Kettle Pizza Gas Pro – Deluxe (Wood Peel)

Now here’s a cool gift for the pizza lovin’ pop – the Kettle Pizza Gas Pro Deluxe. It’s an oven kit that creates the perfect environment for making the most delicious pizzas. It works for propane and natural gas cooking grills and is one piece of thick American made stainless steel. America for dad! The kit even comes with a fancy wood peel for placing and retrieving pizzas so your dad can pretend he’s working at one of those cool pizza kitchens. And of course, it’s got the grilling gloves included because you know how clumsy your dad can sometimes be.

Hijumper said it’s “About as close as you’ll get to wood fired pizza at home” so give the gift of pizza to dad this Father’s Day because who doesn’t like pizza?

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Freedom Fanny Pack with Drink Holder

Speaking of fun, this freedom fanny pack is the perfect gift for the patriotic dad or even for the July holiday on the horizon. It’s not just any ordinary fanny pack, though. This one even comes with an attached beer koozie! The main pouch is spacious and roomy for snacks and whatever else your dad may want to carry around and there’s also a smaller pouch in the front to separate his keys or smaller items you know he’ll likely lose. With a comfortable buckle waistband, he won’t have trouble keeping it on and can waltz around the barbecue with everything he needs.

And, arguably the best part is that he can use it year round. In fact, one reviewer said “I get tons of compliments on it while skiing” so your dad can use it to impress people in the backyard or on the mountains. And if he needs to transport around several beers to last, get him the six-pack for fanny packs and then he’ll really be the talk of the party.

Rachio’s Ultimate Lawn Sprinkler

It's true: Dads just love a good-looking lawn. Help him keep it beautiful and fresh with Rachio, the smart sprinkler controller. He can use his smartphone to take care of all of the logistics in watering the lawn and save water and money. Rachio uses the local forecast, your soil and plant specifications, sun exposure and more to calculate the best watering schedule and optimize water usage. It has EPA WaterSense certified technology that has helped homeowners save billions of gallons of water and you can help your dad save too!

One reviewer said, “This is one of the simplest devices to configure from both a software and hardware perspective.” So, don’t worry about the hassle because it’s an easy breezy way for your dad to keep the lawn looking spectacular.

The Stingray 7 in 1 BBQ Tools in Durable Stainless Steel Construction

Make cooking and grilling easier to manage with the TNK Brand Stingray 7 in 1 BBQ Tools! Since dad has trouble keeping track of kitchen utensils, this will help him put it all in one place. He can also switch gears easier which will do him well when he’s cooking for you.

Made with durable stainless steel, one reviewer said, “This has everything!” That’s less tools to carry around to the grill and much easier to cook different things at once with the different options. Dad will definitely love this!


Over the years, your dad has done his very best for you. This Father's Day it's time for you to show him your appreciation and do the best you can for him. With this list you are now armed and ready to make an informed decision on just the right purchase for your dad on his big day.

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