You Can't 'Heal' Us

It’s been reported that President-Elect Trump will dance with transwoman, Caitlyn Jenner at an inaugural event to “heal” our community.

Before I even go on, let’s address the fact: Donald Trump cannot heal the community by dancing with Caitlyn Jenner - she may be a lovely woman and a good dancer but she is a regressive. While she has raised money for transgender causes she has continued to support anti-LGBT politicians. Her identity does not protect her, nor does it mean we welcome her.

Let me be clear Mr. Trump; you cannot heal us.

You cannot change us.

We won’t just resist.

We will win.

Our community has faced oppression since before you were born and we know how to overcome it. Just last night, as reported by HuffPost Queer Voices editor, JamesMichael Nichols, “hundreds of queer people stormed the streets surrounding Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s home last night to engage in a classically queer form of resistance: dancing.

Pence has long supported conversion therapy aka “curing us” so the alleged word choice of Trump’s senior advisors seems less than coincidental. Additionally, the sweeping 2016 Republican Party platform endorsed the practice.

Tyler Oakley said it best - if you and your administration want to do right by the LGBTQ+ community you must:

Appoint cabinet members who DON’T have anti-LGBTQ+ histories.
Vow to appoint supreme court justices that will protect LGBTQ+ people & the progress we’ve made.
And understand intersectionality, that to protect LGBTQ+ people, that includes people of color.

I left the White House, where I had been waiting with hundreds of other people in hopes of hearing of a Hillary Clinton victory, early on the 9th as election results were still coming in. I had a pit in my stomach and it’s still there. That feeling something bad was about to happen is still there. Prove me wrong.

We, the LGBT community, need a continued voice in the White House. That was made possible by Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, and her predecessors. Mr. Trump, I urge you to show us you care, as a first step, appoint an LGBT liaison. Give us a voice inside the White House and listen to them.

Our voices aren’t getting quieter, they’re getting louder - and we’re coming out in droves.

We can either work with you or fight you in every step you attempt to take.