You Can't Hold A Candle To This World Champion Farter

Setting a world record can be a real gas.

A 28-year-old Filipino man has a world record no one can pooh-pooh: Most candles extinguished by farting.

Ronald Cabañas, a 28-year-old man living in the village of Barangay Camandag, managed to snuff out five candles in less than 30 seconds just from the power of his posterior.

The farting feat was set in 2014, but was only made official recently by, an adjudicating agency that allows people to submit their own wacky world records.

It seems, unlike Cabañas, was a little backed up.

"It is only recently that the community has realized Cabañas' creativity and talent in pushing the outer limits of flatulence," RecordSetter spokesman David Elmaleh told HuffPost. "The video library of RecordSetter is so vast that, on occasion, great feats -- such as Gerard's -- get lost in the noise." 

When Cabañas isn't attempting "fartistic" achievements, he is a farmer and, occasionally, a porter, according to his manager, Gerard Jessie, who uploaded the video to

"He can’t read or write because he stopped school before third grade, but he's a one-of-a-kind talent," Jessie told HuffPost by email. "He has many talents. He possesses strong teeth and can lift a heavy table with child on board using his teeth. He’s incredible!"

Cabañas' farting feats don't even leave noxious odors, according to Jessie.

"There's no smell at all, just pure clean air," he said. "He can even blow out his birthday cake candles, but the problem is, no one dares to eat it"

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