You Can't Spell Congress Without a "K"

The lobbying business is thriving -- and not just on John McCain's bus.

My old friends at The Hill report that lobbying revenues were up across the board in 2007, despite the ethics and lobbying overhauls the Democrats instituted with much fanfare.

Maybe the money saved on not buying meals for members and staff accounts for the extra cash. No?

From The Hill:

Democrats campaigned in 2006 in part by promising to break the bonds between lobbyists and lawmakers. New lobbying and ethics rules prohibit lobbyists from buying members or staff meals or other gifts or traveling with them on fact-finding trips.

What had a bigger impact on K Street, firm partners say, was the increased legislative activity of the new Democratic majority in areas like energy and tax policy.

Who knew lobbyists had a hand in writing the law of unintended consequences?