You Can't Spell Sarah Palin Without Anal Rash

Don't ask me why I found myself searching anagram-generating sites at midnight on the 4th of July, but I have discovered something wonderful. Check out this poem:

A sharp nail

A rash plain

A harp slain

Every line is an anagram of "Sarah Palin." I knew she shot wolves and caribou, but slaying harps? The instruments of angels? That is some socialist shit right there.

The selection of Palin anagrams incorporating the word anal was extensive. Here are the best ones: 

Anal rash pi (I assume this means anal rash to the power?)

Anal has rip

Anal rasp hi

Searching for "Mark Sanford" yielded the somewhat ironic Karma fronds (watch out, cheaters; the fronds of karma are coming for you!) and Fan rams dork, which could be a dirty Post headline about his affair.

To be fair, I had to screen liberals for incriminating anagrams as well. "Barack Obama" yielded disappointing results, though the phrase "karma cab" appeared a lot. Putting the Hussein in provided a few zingers, most notably "A cabana hubris smoke"
 and "A cabana Bush irksome." So what we've learned is that while Mark Sanford suffers at the hands of evil karma fronds, the President gets to spread his message of hope from a pimped-out vehicle of karma or, alternately, a cabana filled with the sweet smoke of hubris. Typical.

Joe Biden, however, turned up the simplest and, some might say, most revealing anagram: "Job need I."