You Can't Steam-Clean Steampunk: Hour of the Wolf Movie Review of April and the Extraordinary World

2016-03-25-1458932732-7738056-april_hires_3_2_410.jpgSoooo much to cover in one, brief segment! First, I look at the French animated film April and the Extraordinary World, and how it takes on the genre of steampunk in a way few steampunkers dare to consider. Then I have some belated thoughts on the entertaining comic book movie, Deadpool, and highlight a standout performance in the gory Turkish(!) horror film, Baskin. Finally, I celebrate the documentary that celebrates the artist Chet Zar, I Like to Paint Monsters, and alert retro-horror fans to the delights of a new homevid collection, The American Horror Project, Volume 1. Then it's time for light lunch, but that's outside of your realm of interest, isn't it?

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