You Can't Unsee Alex Jones And Spencer Pratt On Vacation

The most WTF home movies.

Summer vacation just got surreal.

Far-right radio host Alex Jones and “The Hills” reality star Spencer Pratt just happened to be at the same Hawaiian getaway ― and appear to have hit it off, at least for the camera.

Pratt posted a series of clips of their bromance while and he and his wife, former “The Hills” co-star Heidi Montag, took some time out to chill before she is expected to give birth in a few months.

Pratt told The Daily Beast he heard Jones was staying at his hotel from another guest and then spotted the conspiracy theorist exploring secrets of the deep. 

Then Pratt ramped up video evidence of Jones’ presence.

A brief discussion on how Jones’ fame (er, infamy) had eclipsed that of “Speidi,” the pet team name for Pratt and Montag, followed.

The odd duo (with Montag) are later seen planning their own snorkeling outing together and a live interview.

Say aloha to another Jones dig at NBC’s Megyn Kelly for their pot-stirring recent chat.

And here’s another plug for a Jones-Pratt sitdown.

We covered all the important subjects,” Pratt told The Daily Beast of at least one discussion that already happened. “Black helicopters, the Matrix, AI bot wars, China taking over, Trump. You know, just normal 7:30 a.m. beach conversations—super chill.”

The two could be bonding or using each other for promotional purposes. Or Pratt ― who was also interviewed by Jones years ago ― was perhaps mocking the crackpot conspiracy theorist. No matter the possibility, we’d love to be a fly on the roasting pig if they also attended a luau together. 

Here’s Jones recounting a dream about Bill Clinton and Paula Jones. We can’t explain. Just listen.

H/T Uproxx