'You Didn't Build That': GOP's Fixation On Out-Of-Context Obama Quote Reaches Frenzy At RNC

WATCH: GOP's 'We Built It' Mania Reaches A Frenzy At RNC 2012

On Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the GOP's mania over Obama's "you didn't build that" remark reached new heights.

Not only was the official theme of the night "We Built It," but almost every speaker (with the remarkable exception of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie) made some reference to Obama's remark, which many have noted has largely been taken out of context.

The GOP's insistence on recycling the phrase shows how badly it wants to paint Obama as hostile to private enterprise. It remains to be seen how much this theme will actually sway voters in November.

Watch the video above to see a mashup of the GOP's overuse of Obama's comment from the first night of the convention.

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