Take This Test To See If You're REALLY A True Cheese Lover

Are you a real cheese whiz?

So you agree, you think cheese is really pretty? And darn good, too.

If that's the case, you're probably a cheese whiz when it comes to factual information about the dairy product sent straight from the milk gods. Sure, you may know that brie is an excellent complement to pistachios. And of course, gruyere is the ooey-gooey soulmate of your dreams, when it's melted.

But, do you really know cheese that well? Take the quiz below and see where your stinky and salty knowledge stands. Brace yourself, sh*t's about to get cheesy.


7 to 10 right: You're practically a cheese genius and you should probably receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

4 to 6 right: I mean, you and cheese are acquaintances that might follow each other on Twitter.

0 to 3 right: Do you even eat cheese, bro?

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