You Don't Have to Deny the Arts To Succeed: MS223 in The South Bronx, a 2010 Intel School of Distinction

Ramon Gonzalez and his faculty at MS223 have managed to take time from test prep for reading and math to build in exchange for a quality arts program, and at the same time have become one of only six schools in the United States to win a 2010 Intel School of Distinction award.

What this school community has managed to do goes against the grain of what many believe: to raise test scores in reading and math, particularly in urban schools that are or have been low performing, you must devote most of the instructional time to these two subjects. There simply isn't time for the arts.

Not only did MS223 become a 2010 Intel School of Distinction, it was the only school in New York State to make it into the finals. In the poorest Congressional District in the United States, MS223 is worth a good look for what is possible for every school and every child.

Here's a video that tells you a bit more: