You Don't Need a Weatherman to Tell Which Way the Wind is Blowing

I couldn't believe my ears. NPR. A perfectly sane sounding commentator was discussing what seemed like a dilemma for the Congress. How to balance the concerns of the national economy against the concerns for the environment. How to shape our national policy on global warming. And not once in the conversation did anyone interviewed mention that if we don't get off the stick, we won't have a national economy to be concerned about. They blathered on about rising gasoline prices and the costs to business that would be involved in controlling green house gases as if there were a choice. As if a sane politician should be considering the options. Voters might not like it if they were hit in the pocket book. I wanted to scream.

They might not like it if the world they know disappeared in front of their very eyes.

It was the tone. So reasonable. It almost made me think that I was crazy to be concerned. Maybe that big piece of arctic ice didn't fall into the ocean last month after all. Sea levels aren't rising. Weather patterns changing. I must be imagining it.

The politicians will will another election. The business men will pocket more money.

Guess it doesn't matter to them. Hell is hot too.