You Don't Need More Goals. You need PROJECTS and a strategy.

You Don't Need More Goals. You need PROJECTS and a strategy.
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Austin Holt here - I hope you are doing very well. Today’s quick read is for implementers and action takers. If that’s you, let’s rock and roll.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Why am I not accomplishing my goals” its probably because your goal is simply what it you’ve already unconsciously condemned it as: a goal. A goal is a wish, a hope, a dream, and nothing more.

  • “I want to lose 20 lbs”
  • “I want to receive a 20% raise”
  • “I want to lead generate to 100 new clients this month”

Stating these goals out loud has done nothing but rob precious oxygen from your lungs and time from your day.

If your “goal” means anything to you, it’s time to convert that goal into something more powerful and actionable: a project.

Here are the above goals converted into projects:

  • “I’m going to work out and eat right every day till I lose 20 lbs”
  • “I’m going to bring more value to my employer so I will be more deserving of a 20% raise”
  • “I will call 5 local businesses per day until I have successfully marketed to 100””

Projects aren’t wishes, hopes or dreams - they are living, breathing points of FOCUS and specific ACTION.

A strategy I’ve used for years now to help people get from “GOAL” to “GAIN” is called “Project B&E”

Project Breakdown and Execution.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Determine if your goal is important to you. If it is, and your 100% committed to it, refer to it now as a “Project” and move on to step 2.

Step 2: Determine your deadline in number of work days until completion. Projects without deadlines are goals that accidentally get done at some point, or never - usually never.

Step 3: Breakdown and write out every actionable step it’s going to take to complete your project.

Step 4: Divide what you determined in Step 2 by Step 1. Now you have the number of actionable Items to complete per day, based on your deadline for the project.

Example: 50 Actionable Steps DIVIDED BY 10 days = 5 steps per day for 10 days.

Step 5: Get out your calendar, and add a calendar event every day(linearly, minus days off) for the amount of days you need to finish your project.

Label each calendar event as follows:

[Project Name]: Day [#/Total # of Days]: [Title of Step] (See example below my one of my calendars)

In the “notes” section of the calendar event, write out specifically what you’re going to complete that day.

The first thing you do EACH DAY once you’ve begun your work day, is what’s contained in that day’s calendar event.

Repeat steps 1-5 for every important project in your life and I promise you you’ll get more done, and feel better while you do it.

Goals that are actually important to you get achieved through intentionality strategies like this produce. All others that do not, are simply not as important as you’d like to think.

Thank you for reading! May you be Blessed.

Austin J. Holt

Business Coach & Mentor

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