You Don't Really Hate Paying Your Taxes

You Don't Really Hate Paying Your Taxes

For all the grousing about taxes these days, a new survey concludes that it's doing taxes rather than paying them that really rankles.

A plurality of Americans think they're paying about the right amount in taxes, and a significant majority say they're paying the fair amount.

There is widespread agreement that the rich and corporations are paying too little in taxes. And a majority of Americans think the Bush tax cuts helped the rich the most and should be eliminated

Americans are also vastly more concerned right now about unemployment and the economy than they are about taxes -- or deficits, for that matter.

And yet asked who they think would do a better job of dealing with taxes, Republicans are now edging out Democrats. That can't be good news for the Democratic National Committee.

Doing taxes is what's been historically unpopular, with strong majorities saying they hate it or dislike it.

And as unpopular as the IRS is -- with a favorability rating hovering just below 50 percent -- that's way more popular than Congress.

That's only some of what there is to glean in the American Enterprise Institute's 2010 Public Opinion Study on Taxes, which "brings together up-to-date trends from major survey organizations and commentary on the tax burden, value for tax dollars, tax fairness, progressivity, taxes and the deficit, politicians' credibility on taxes, and finally, views of the Internal Revenue Service, and preparing taxes."

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