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You Don't Want To Succeed If...

​​​​​​​​​​1. You have trouble asking for help.
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​​​​​​​​​​1. You have trouble asking for help.
2. You're not connecting to lots of people.
3. You care what other people think. You're afraid to be unpopular.
4. You need others to motivate and inspire you.
5. You don't want to look stupid or feel uncomfortable.
6. You're sad, angry or depressed. You're living in your past.
7. You're not grateful for what you have, you only focus on what you don't have.
8. You're not optimistic. When something negative happens you become a victim.
9. You don't live in your heart. You don't follow your instincts.
10. You're not flexible. You resist change. You want to stay in your comfort zone.
11. You don't see or create opportunities every day.
12. You don't trust people - because you don't trust yourself.
13. You're not being the "Star" of your own life.
14. You don't bring joy to the world. Happiness attracts success.
15. You think that everything I am saying must be about somebody else.​​​​​​​

Bernard Hiller has been the top acting and success coach in Hollywood for the past 25 years.