You Felt The Bern. Now May I Introduce You To Hillary Clinton?

COLUMBUS, OH - JUNE 21: Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton waves to supporters on June 21, 2016 at t
COLUMBUS, OH - JUNE 21: Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton waves to supporters on June 21, 2016 at the Construction Arts & Auto Technology building, Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center, in Columbus, Ohio. Clinton discussed her vision for a stronger America and her commitment to build an economy that she says will work for everyone. (Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images)

Clinton is considered the presumptive Democratic nominee after beating Sanders by nearly 4million votes. The Sanders campaign planned a massive layoff of at least half its staff. After meeting with President Obama, Sanders pledged to work with Clinton to defeat Trump. The mission to defeat Trump was solidified during a meeting between Sanders and Clinton after the D.C. primary.

Sanders has not conceded and some supporters are energized by his tenacity to keep the dream alive. But while the dream of a Sanders presidency is not dead, it's clinging on life support and even the most ardent supporters are ready to mercifully plug the plug.

The majority of Sanders supporters will support Clinton in the general election. But some are considering all their options, some even shockingly considering voting for Donald Trump. (shudder) So, while yes, for many voting for the Democratic nominee who shares many of the same goals and beliefs seems like the natural choice. But to others I must ask--have you considered Hillary Clinton?

Like Sanders, Clinton believes abortion is a woman's right.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes women should have access to and funding for contraception.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes in expanding stem cell research.

Like Sanders, Clinton supports providing contraceptives for low-income women.

Like Sanders, Clinton advocates reducing teen pregnancy by providing education and contraceptives.

Like Sanders, Clinton wants to reinforce anti-discrimination and equal-pay requirements.

Like Sanders, Clinton is committed to fighting for minorities, immigrants and women's rights.

Like Sanders, Clinton wants to increase America's commitment against global AIDS.

Like Sanders, Clinton wants more funding and stricter sentencing for hate crimes.

Like Sanders, Clinton would consider a constitutional amendment against Citizen's United.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes presidents should reveal donations to their foundations.

Like Sanders, Clinton supports banning campaign donations from unions and corporations.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes assault weapons should be off the street.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes businesses should be legally required to hire women and minorities.

Like Sanders, Clinton strongly supports same-sex marriage.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes voter registration should be an easier process.

Like Sanders, Clinton does not believe citizens have an absolute right to gun ownership without restrictions.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes in expanding Obamacare.

Like Sanders, Clinton wants to prioritize green energy.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes in taxing the wealthy at a higher rate.

Like Sanders, Clinton believes in a pathway to citizenship.

Like Sanders, Clinton does not support privatizing social security.

Like Sanders, Clinton supports a clean power plan.

Like Sanders, Clinton supports cap and trade.

Like Sanders, Clinton is committed to defeating Donald Trump.

Look, I get it. I was not a Clinton supporter from the beginning. I felt the Bern and voted for Sanders in the primaries. When examining every issue, Sanders shared more of my views than Clinton and I valued his record, goals and consistency. But the primaries are over and he didn't win. And please put your tin foil hat away because she won outright-- fair and square. This isn't a hanging chad situation. We're talking about a lead of almost 4 million votes. The end is nigh.

Before you gorge yourself on Bernie's Yearning ice cream or weep into your favorite "Feel The Bern" t-shirt while mourning, please know all hope is not lost. Take a look at the list above again. Many of those key issues you feel so strongly about are also important to Clinton and she shares your commitment to accomplishing those common goals. For that reason, I'm with her.

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