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'You Had the Power All Along My Dear.'

I know that if we get really honest with ourselves, we have access to self love, contentment and happiness, it just takes a bit of work. It takes getting a bit uncomfortable to make changes.
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Glinda told Dorothy, at the end of her journey trying to get home along the Yellow Brick Road, that she had the power to get home all along. Dorothy didn't know that. She needed to experience what she did along the Yellow Brick Road, face the challenges she did and confront the fears that she did, in order to gain that belief that Glinda told her she had all along.

And once she realized, she would never forget it.

We are all like Dorothy and life is like the journey along the Yellow Brick Road.

Some people come to stay and support us, some come to teach us lessons, we experience adversities and sometimes go off the path, but all along, we have the power, in our choices.

Did you know that who you are right now is enough? If you strive for perfection, you will be bitterly disappointed and will waste your precious time.

Did you know that you have the power to get what you want? All you need to know is what you want, what makes your heart skip a beat and get you all excited like a kid who just got a puppy for it's birthday!

Did you know that you have the power to make things happen? You have choices every second of the day...just decide what it is you really want and then set off on your journey along the Yellow Brick Road of life to make it happen.

I often get told that I am a go getter by my friends and people that know me. They usually say things like, "You said you were going to do such and such and you did it!"

They say this very happily for me, but I almost always detect a sense of disbelief in themselves and their own power to achieve what they want to.

I always answer, "Anyone can do it." And then some reply, "You underestimate yourself," and I answer, "No, you underestimate yourself!"

You see, I know for a fact that anyone can do anything they want to do or get anything they want.

Yes, you can!

I know that I do not possess any special or magical powers, nor do I have secrets that are not accessible to anyone else. What I do have is the belief that anything is possible. Anything is possible if I really want to achieve it or have it.

If I want to make it happen.

You see, knowing what you really want is the secret. It's the key to getting what you want.

Think of it like this, you get in your car and set your GPS to take you to a place you want to go to, it will guide you there, it may take you down an alternative route or you may have to do a couple of U turns to get to your destination, but at the end of the journey, you get there.

Imagine if you got into your car and knew you wanted to go somewhere but couldn't put a fixed address into the GPS, you'd either be sitting in your car in the driveway going nowhere or, you would drive around aimlessly, confused, frustrated and probably deflated.

See how important it is to know what you want? So how do you figure out what you want?

For me, I usually figured out what I wanted by knowing what I didn't want. By experiencing things like heartache, set backs, loneliness, pain, etc. By embracing all of those feelings as much as the ones that make me feel good.

By feeling those feelings I have been able to figure out what I want and then have focussed on it, felt it and visualised it.

It's about giving yourself the time to figure it out, but also taking action. You'll know what you want because of the feeling of excitement it invokes in your whole being. Sometimes we avoid giving ourselves that time to figure out what we want.

We procrastinate. Stay stuck in our driveway or driving around aimlessly and ending each day saying, tomorrow I will give myself that time, tomorrow I will figure it all out...I was notorious for this!

I'm also a big believer that sometimes not getting what you want is a blessing in disguise.

There have certainly been times where I have thought that I wanted something but I didn't get it. And I was upset, sometimes even gutted by either the rejection or the perception that I didn't get what I wanted: but with the passage of time and getting truly honest with myself, I have realised that, when push came to shove, I didn't actually really want that thing.

For example, my first marriage broke down. I was hurt and upset by it ending and suddenly being left as a single mother, but what came after that marriage ended, was a true blessing.

I was quickly ushered on to the path the Universe had destined me to be on. But one thing that I did was make a choice to step up after the adversity, not fall victim to it.

I was given gifts from the Universe that back then when I was going through them, came disguised as the worst day of my life, or the worst thing that could ever happen, or the most heart breaking experience, the most harrowing, the most scariest, or loneliest experiences.

Every one of those experiences were gifts. From them, I grew. From them, I learnt valuable life experiences that can never be taken away from me.

From those experiences I eventually learned how to love myself. How to have healthy relationships without being controlling or manipulative. How to enjoy my own company.

How to surrender my feelings of fear and inadequacy to God and the Universe. How to be happy.

Now back to my first marriage, I know what I am going to tell you is going to stir up a bit of controversy, but here goes. I didn't really want to marry my first husband. I loved the idea of getting married, the wedding, all of that stuff, but when I was walking down the aisle, I wasn't excited. In my head I was convincing myself that I was doing the right thing, but my gut was feeling very queasy!

It's not as though I didn't try to make my marriage work, I did, but I was only 20 years old when I walked down the aisle, I didn't know much about anything back then.

I know that if we get really honest with ourselves, we have access to self love, contentment and happiness, it just takes a bit of work. It takes getting a bit uncomfortable to make changes.

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