You Know You're a Working Daughter If...

Are you balancing caring for an aging parent with your career and maybe even your own kids? You might be a working daughter if...
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Are you balancing caring for an aging parent with your career and maybe even your own kids? You might be a working daughter if...

  1. You can't remember where you put your car keys, but you've memorized both of your parents' Social Security numbers.

  • You no longer take an aspirin when you have a headache. Instead you "dispense meds" for yourself.
  • You have a story about poop, but you are too polite to tell it.
  • You think cereal and wine are an acceptable dinner.
  • You think the six most annoying words in the world are, "You should take care of yourself."
  • You know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.
  • You've spent an entire lunch hour, plus an additional hour, on the phone trying to sort out an insurance claim.
  • You've thought about billing a doctor for the time she or he kept you waiting. You may have even drafted the invoice.
  • You've spent your time waiting for the doctor by filling out yet another HIPPA form, MOST form, or DNR, but you would have preferred to read an old issue of People magazine.
  • You just may have taken that copy of People from the doctor's waiting area to read later. But of course, you'll never find the time to do that.
  • Even though you go to a doctor's appointment at least three times a month, it's never for you. You are overdue on your teeth cleaning, your physical and your mammogram.
  • You've given a home health aide more instructions than you've ever given to your kids' babysitters.
  • Your heart stops every time your phone rings -- especially after 9 p.m.
  • Speaking of phones, you keep your cell phone on and with you at all times.
  • You have a strong opinion about Vera Bradley bags - you either love them or you hate them and therefore wonder why every other working daughter carries one.
  • Friends? Yeah, you think you had some of those once.
  • You have siblings and it's complicated.
  • Your house is a mess and you are so over it.
  • You've read those studies that say people can't multitask and you laughed at the thought of those weaker beings.
  • Speaking of laughing, you've told some really inappropriate jokes about cancer, Alzheimer's and dying. You know laughter is the best medicine.
  • When someone asks if caregiving is a burden or a blessing, you respond without hesitation, "Yes."
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