You May Be Pronouncing The Name Of Nintendo's Original System All Wrong

Is it "N-E-S" or "Ness"?

There hasn’t been a pronunciation debate this hot since the GIF-Jiff wars. 

After all these years, we may have been living an eight-bit lie regarding your Nintendo. Is the name of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, pronounced “N-E-S” or “Ness”?

A recent tweet by gamer Kyle McLain reveals that within the Japanese version of the game “Wario Ware Gold” for Nintendo’s current 3DS system, Nintendo refers to NES as “Ness.”

But it’s not quite settled. Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot explains in the video above that Nintendo has also produced ads that refer to the gaming system as the “N-E-S.”

It’s unclear what this will mean for the future of the human race, but one thing is certain: The internet has an awful lot of time on its hands.