You Might Be A Racist If... You Join

Couple enjoying outdoors in a urban surroundings.
Couple enjoying outdoors in a urban surroundings.

*Disclaimer: I am a white girl who fell in love with a brown boy. We got married and had bi-racial babies. This is an opinion piece based on my observations coming from living in white privilege and growing up having my eyes opened.

In December a Utah couple created a dating website called "Where White People Meet." It has been met with a ton of controversy and people are outraged that such a site exists. As a white person, I am a bit perplexed with why we (White People) need a specifically designed dating website, considering there are tons of white people out there. The founder stated that they created the site because there are dating websites for every other race and creed out there, so why not one specifically catering to white people?

Many are attacking the site, stating it is racist. The founders adamantly refused being racist, claiming "I dated a Black woman once." This led me to think about all of the racist people I have encountered over my 35 years of life. Growing up in a small town, and eventually marring and having bi-racial children has taught me a few things. Most importantly, it taught me that about 100% of racists, claim they are not racists. Weird right? I have complied a "Jeff Foxworthy style" list of things I have heard people say that proves racism is alive and well in the United States.

You Might Be A Racist If, You Say Any or All of These Things

1. I'm not a racist but, (followed by a completely racist statement.)

Right, I see. You're not a racist, which is why you have to let everyone know you're not a racist, while ending the sentence with an extremely racist statement. I totally believe you are not a racist ;)

2. I dated a (fill in the blank race) man or woman once.

That is awesome that you once dated someone of a different race than you. What happened? They realized you were a racist?

3. It's not about the color of your skin. Why do you have to make it a race issue?

Because It might just be a race issues. Racism is alive and well. Pick up a newspaper or turn on the news. Read something other than Us Weekly in the check out line of the grocery store.

4. Those people are always complaining about (Insert any issue that is currently going on.)

Oh, THOSE PEOPLE are complaining again. What a bunch of jerks! You're right, THOSE PEOPLE are awful! Wait, you are the one who is awful. You almost got me. Tricky, trickster.

5. I don't see color.

That's odd, because humans are all different shades of color. If you don't see color, my guess is that you are 50 shades of ignorant.

6. I don't know what they are talking about, white privilege doesn't exist anymore. Whites are the minority.

WOW, really? I'm pretty sure white privilege is alive and well, and currently being enjoyed by all white people. Make sure to thank Columbus on the national holiday that proves killing a bunch of brown people and stealing their stuff is an acceptable act of Thanksgiving.

7. I LOVE (Insert Race) people. I have tons of friends who are (Insert Race.)

Wow, I am so happy that you organize your friends by race. What other types of things do you label, you know besides people?

8. I had no idea that (Insert Race) were so intelligent and articulate.

Condescend much? There was this really cool legal case back in 1954 that made education to all a requirement. It got rid of that pesky segregation in schools.

9. If those (Insert Race) people would get jobs, and get off welfare, America's economy would rebound.

Huh. Well, if you take a look at the statistics, the highest number of welfare recipients are white. Crazy talk you say? Nope, just numerical factual statistics. Weird isn't it?

10. If you marry a (Insert Race) person, aren't you worried that your children won't be white?

Seriously? They won't be white. Yikes. What should I do? Fall out of love with the person I want to marry and have children with so I can have some white kids? If I have bi-racial children I will be letting my entire race down, and they probably won't let me back into their super cool racist clubs anymore. This one is a real head scratcher.

11. I can't wait to register for the dating website

Yup. Not a good sign. There are plenty of places to meet white people, especially in Utah where the site creators live. Go to a park. I bet there are a ton of white people in parks in Utah.

If you agree with me, I am thrilled. If you don't, that is your opinion. I choose to live with my eyes open. Feel free to send me a scathing email. I will make sure to reply in a timely fashion.

Meredith is a work-from-home mother of three who writes about the inappropriate side of marriage and motherhood on her blog at That's Inappropriate. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.