You Must Be Kidding: the Email Reply I Sent to Harry Reid

"Barack's hands will be tied if we don't have a filibuster-proof senate?" His hands, wallet, and pockets are now empty thanks to you.
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An email I received from Sen. Harry Reid, and the reply I sent him:

Subject: Humming

On 10/7/2008 11:06 AM, "Sen. Harry Reid"

Dear Harry,

You must be kidding. You let the criminals rob the treasury on the way out, and you want money from us?! The people you've bankrupted with your lack of oversight and now your lack of foresight? All you had to do, instead of falling for the "Weapons of Cash Destruction, hurry-up-and-pass-it lie" AGAIN, was to hold a worldwide press conference and say, "You know this plan is bad, for your banks and for our country. We will have a new president in a month. We will have a new plan in a month, and we give you our word that we will act to protect your countries' economies as well as ours, but we must ask you to hang on for just one more month."

Everyone knows Bush is the Boy Who Cried Wolfowitz, except you. Eight years of allowing the Ponzi Real Estate Pyramid schemes on your watch, and you couldn't hold out four more weeks. Instead, you made a mockery of checks and balances (which will now be known as BLANK CHECKS and NO BALANCES), of oversight, of review, of our votes, and you let them empty the coffers completely this time to insure that the next president (probably a Democrat) will not have the money to implement one single plan for America, insuring the return to power of the Karl Rove Traveling Dinner Theater Players in a mere four years.

"Barack's hands will be tied if we don't have a filibuster-proof senate"? His hands, wallet, and pockets are now empty thanks to you, meaning there will be no money for health care reform, college loans, social security, Medicare, and infrastructure repair. What is there to filibuster, which party gets to turn out the lights? Bush and Co. are now treasury robbing equals with every African dictator and every banana republic shyster, and no doubt Laura Bush has three thousand pairs of shoes in her closet. The only reason I am even leaving my house on election day is to prevent the Supreme Court from becoming the DAR, as we know YOU won't stand up to any right wing ideologue put up for a vote by a Republican president. Other than that, my days of caring, volunteering, contributing to the pathetic and corrupt DEMOCRATIC party (we already knew that about the Republicans) are over. I am not going to waste another second of the time I have left on this earth paying attention to anything anyone in government ever says again. You are a disgrace to this country, and no better than the Bush Regime for what you let them perpetrate on the people who sent you to Washington to REPRESENT us. You are NOT the House of Representatives, you are the House of Horrors. My life's work is animal rescue ( Thanks to your non-existent policies regarding animal welfare, and thanks to your criminally negligent policies spurring foreclosures, every dedicated volunteer is spending every penny she/he has left trying to prevent the obscenity of the ten million companion animals killed by the government each year in America from becoming twenty million killed this year. Good luck to us. By now Americans know their money is better given to dogs than senators.

You need ONLY "$2.5 million before Friday" to keep your campaigns "humming"? You rape the treasury, announce it "might not work but we had to do "something,'" and you are disconnected enough from our horror to breezily use the word "humming"!!?? How about another trillion to keep Iraq "tidy," or another hundred billion to "perk up" Afghanistan? What's in the air you are breathing in the capital, cartoon ink? Francoise Giscard D'Estaing once said, "We will only have true equality when we have mediocre WOMEN in high positions". Well, at least you've achieved something. Regards to Ms. Pelosi. Car mechanics say, "It could be thousands to fix, but I can try this first for fifty bucks. It might not work but we'll see." Nobody but the lunatics running the asylum say, "It's a trillion dollars AND it might not work." You are not fixing MY car, and you are not my party. Take me off your lists, and go away. No, really. Go away.


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