You Must Do This If You Support Trump

My brothers and sisters who supported Trump, this letter is meant for you. I understand that you thought certain grave issues were ignored. I do not experience these issues the same way you do, but I can put myself in your shoes, and then I can totally empathize with you. You thought that Trump was one honest candidate who called a spade a spade who would get things done. He addressed the anger and fear you were already experiencing in the most forceful way. Most of you probably had one of the five valid reasons for choosing Trump.

1) If you thought that globalization has taken away jobs from hard working Americans, I empathize with that.

2) If you thought that importing Islamic terrorism to the West was very scary, and the assertion that moderate mainstream Islam and terrorist fundamentalism are too separate things was just political rhetoric, I can grudgingly see that how your fears were triggered and rational arguments did not make sense.

3) If you thought that you wanted conservative values such as anti-abortion, straight lifestyle, and right to own a gun were important to enforce, I can see why you were able to overlook Trump’s own questionable anti-conservative lifestyle and not notice the irony in doing so.

4) If you were just tired of the corruption and hypocrisy by career politicians exposed on the web, I totally empathize with that.

5) If you thought that the whole liberal movement of political correctness had gone too far, I can see why you thought that. You wanted some honest expression of what your leader really thought.

My brothers and sisters, although I can truly empathize with the issues you are talking about, I am just unable to understand why were you able to overlook his bullying, intimidating, narcissistic, and authoritarian style of conducting business. Maybe you thought if he became the President he will have to become more mature and more democratic. Now that he has been around over a week, can you see that you are making a Faustian bargain? In order to get what you want now, are you sowing seeds that will grow into monsters? One or two issues that are close to your heart are being addressed so quickly and that may be cause for celebration for you, but do you see how destroying democratic procedures and being closed to the rest of the r a week, can you see that you are making a world could create havoc in the future?

Honestly speaking, when you look at Trump’s confrontational impulsive style, do you see – grudgingly and only in your own quiet moments ― how the five reasons for your support for Trump are creating five unwanted and destructive effects?

1) Do you really think that a protectionist, isolated, walled, hated, and ridiculed America, with very little influence on international matters, is the America great again of your dreams? Honestly speaking, did you see it coming?

2) Do you really think that stopping entries from a random list of seven countries whose people have not been instrumental in terrorist acts within the US will keep America safe? Do you not worry about this generating more hatred based terrorism against the US?

3) Do you really want an authoritarian ruler bypassing the democratic procedures to enforce what you believe in? Do you not worry this may destroy your own freedoms and your life expectations one day? Do you not remember heart-wrenching stories of people shamed and destroyed because of the way they were born or because of their harmless life-style choices? I am sure you all know a story of this type from your own family.

4) Do you really feel okay with your own values of honesty, integrity, respect, hard work, and caring being trampled upon and bullying, intimidating, narcissism, and money-mongering becoming the role model? Do you not see a long-term low morale and self-centered power mongering such a role model would create?

5) Do you not see that the “honest” not-PC expression is in fact creating intolerance – possibly unintended – towards anyone you don’t like? For example, do you really want to be an unwelcome country to immigrants in general who have been historically and traditionally the bedrock of American success? This includes both hard work and job creation. Have you forgotten your own roots?

It is time for you to separate issues from the way the issues are addressed. It is time that you take a hard look at that. Issues are important and dear to you, but you must pay attention to the way they are approached. Please have the courage to express what you think is wrong. You may think that the liberal media is exaggerating and attempting to destroy Trump so leave the media aside. Think about this: do you see how the confrontational style has created deep divisions in the country and if it is all worth it? Does this fit into your core values of peaceful coexistence, respectful acceptance? Do you really want a divided country engaging in Gang war style fights within the country and across the globe in which both parties think that killing one more person will establish supremacy?

Do you see how the rest of the world had always looked at America as the beacon of democratic coexistence?

You will be more effective in telling the President to curb his menacing style than the liberals and media shouting about it. You can support Trump as much as you want in promoting your issues, but you must halt his democracy destroying, intolerant, hate-mongering, provocative, impulsive, short-sighted way of doing things. Use all the democratic instruments in your hand to appeal to him to be mindful of the consequences of his ways. Write, make a noise, petition, admit on social media, and tell him you do not like his way of wielding power.

Do this now otherwise you or your own next generations could be the ones who would become the target of his destructive power and hear that “You are fired!”

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