Here's Why You Need Texas Trash Pie In Your Life

Americana + Texas + Sugar = Crazy

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Walking into Royers Round Top Cafe feels like entering a museum of vintage Americana. But don’t be distracted by the neon lights and groovy tunes — you’re here for the pie.

Bud “the Pieman” Royer and his wife Dr. Karen have their kids taking over the business these days and they’re doing mighty fine, serving dishes like an amazing grilled shrimp BLT and over 10 different kinds of pie, including flavors like D’Ette’s strawberry rhubarb (with a granola topping that’s “to die for,” as the menu says) and Texas Trash, which is made up of everything you could ever need: chocolate chips, pretzels, coconut, graham crackers and caramel.

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Getting to Round Top from any major city is inevitably a trek, so if you want to avoid driving hours for pie, you can order Royers online — the restaurant, in fact, started as a mail-order pie business.

But if you do go the mail-order route, you’ll be missing out on arguably the best part of the Royers experience: the generous hunk of Blue Bell ice cream — Texas’ signature frozen treat — that comes atop every single slice.

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