You Need To Read This 11-Year-Old's Hilariously Brutal Letter From Camp

The mom said her son is known for his sense of humor.
07/18/2017 04:52pm ET | Updated July 18, 2017

A kid’s letter he sent home from summer camp has his whole family cracking up.

While at camp, an 11-year-old named Alex found himself with no toys or books to distract himself during free period. His mom, Simone, explained that she had packed a box that included cards, Legos, yo-yos and a new book he had been wanting to read, but the family forgot it at home. So he spent the free period writing a hilarious letter to his parents and didn’t hold back.

“Why the h*** did you not check if I had toys, I was so bored during free period,” Alex wrote.

Here's the letter Alex's parents received from camp after the family left his box of toys at home.

The 11-year-old also noted that he expected more from his mom, but “not so much Dad.”

Alex’s mother, Simone, told HuffPost her son is known for his humor and that the letter was clearly meant to be taken humorously.

“Alex is definitely known for saying very funny, witty and insightful things!” she said.

She explained that this year, the camp Alex attends will not allow care packages so she packed the box beforehand. Unfortunately, she discovered the box back home in the middle of the living room.

“Alex was very worried about being bored during their rest time, so he was not a happy camper,” she said.

Alex has since received the package and sent home a sweet letter to thank his mother.

“I love you and hope you stay safe,” he ended the letter.

When Alex received his toys, he sent home a letter to his mother telling her loved her and telling her to "stay safe."

As for the line about his dad, Simone said the family thought it was funny and signature of Alex’s humor.

“My husband was amused by Alex’s comment,” she said. “We were all tickled by it.”