You Never Know Your Own Strength Until You Go Through A Hardship

The beautiful young woman is pained by her allergy every year. She holds a tissue in her hands.
The beautiful young woman is pained by her allergy every year. She holds a tissue in her hands.

When life challenges you with a difficult decision, you either sink or swim. You either complain or deal with the situation thinking how much you have learned/grew from the experience. It's true when they saw you don't know your own strength until you go through a hardship. Life can surprise you at times. Whether it's good or bad, it can make or break you.

Recently, my boyfriend had septoplasty surgery -- which corrects a deviated nasal septum -- along with turbinate reduction -- which reduces the overall size of the turbinates allowing for airflow. This was done on a Monday, which was the day I worked from home. If you've never heard of this procedure, just know that the first 48 hours are supposed to be hell, but then, gradually you're supposed to feel better. The issue was, in those 48 hours instead of feeling better, he actually got worse.

I called the nurse 3-4 times throughout the week, went to the store a bunch of times and contacted his mom for guidance during this process. I also had to work from home and take care of our dog. And, I handled it very well. I was under stress because well, the first night he didn't sleep at all, so neither did I.

I felt absolutely exhausted running around and then on top of that, I had to work. I felt stronger though. I challenged myself not to complain and do what I always do -- make it about me. Before, I would have been selfish and got tired of it, but when you truly love someone, you will do anything in your power to make them feel better.

My only goal was for him to feel better. And, watching him go through the pain and agony hurt like hell. I watched as tears rolled down his face and felt so helpless because there was nothing I could do. I couldn't eat or relax because he was my main concern.

Again, this is how you know you're deeply in love with someone: when they're in pain, as are you. I sat back and went through this process with him. I think I fell in love with him more and more as the days progressed. I just don't think I would love him anymore than I do. He is the love of my life and during this experience and hardship; I've learned the power of love. All I wanted to do was hug him and erase the pain, but it was never that simple.

In the end, we found out his pain was due to a sinus infection, so on top of his double procedure, he somehow developed a sinus infection. Regardless, it's being treated and things are going back to normal.

Life is about falling in love, passing life's greatest challenges, and having fun! So, when life throws a curveball and asks you to catch it, either you do or you let it fall. And, when life kicks your a**, you get right back up.