You Probably Didn't Hear The White House Announced Games At E3, Too

But, for real, we would play these games.

On Thursday, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) ― where the video game industry announces their future plans ― wrapped up and now the gaming world has a bunch of new titles to look forward to.

But you probably didn’t know that the White House, perhaps as a way to distract from the Trump presidency, also announced some new games at E3. We’re excited to try them!


Angry Tweets

Fire a barrage of offensive tweets at people who stand in your way. Take them down with non-sensical bullying and made-up facts all while trying to gain the favorites and retweets of your dedicated army of Twitter sheep and bots!


Character Assassin’s Creed

Slander the good names of your enemies from the shadows of your social media accounts, spokespeople and children! Use your relationships with seedy characters for personal gains, all while delivering intentionally false information to your minions.


Fallout 4 VR

This fully immersive 360-adventure takes you inside the Trump White House as it implodes on a daily basis. From the president’s unseen tantrums to Mike Pence’s secret side hugs with women who aren’t his wife, you’ll experience the circus first-hand!  


Maddening 18

You live in a world with a 24-hour news cycle, each news item more infuriating than the last. Tackle an unyielding social media landscape and administration whose stance changes every day! While navigating a field of trolls and pundits, can you preserve your sanity and maintain a healthy personal life with family and friends?



You’ve been given great power and with that comes great responsibility. Dodge and weave through news reporters’ tough questions and keep up the charade for as long as you can! How long can you defend utter lunacy while hanging by a thread?


Debtroid 6: Bankruptcies

We’re under attack by creditors and bankruptcy lawyers! Your experience with failing businesses makes you uniquely qualified and the galaxy’s last remaining hope to defend Earth from the forces of debt!


Midwest Earth: Shadow Of Supporters

The world of men who still support your leadership is failing fast. With a record low approval rating, your only solution is to resign, then deliver your fourth wedding ring of power to the fires of Mount Ivanka.



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