You Probably Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do This

It's a game-changer for people with small hands.

Are your hands too small to comfortably use your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? You're not alone, and you probably didn't realize that Apple created a built-in solution to your problem. 

If you need to reach the top of your screen with one hand (which is almost impossible with small hands) all you have to do is double-tap the home button. That's double-tap, not double-click. Double-tapping brings whatever screen you're on down a few inches, making it easier to tap something at the top of the screen. It even works for your home screen.

(A note about this: You don't actually press down on the home button when you're double-tapping -- you're just lightly touching the button. But you do press it down when you're double-clicking.)

Here's what it looks like:

This feature has existed since 2014, but we're bringing it up now because we realized that most people may not know the tool's function. 

An informal poll of friends and colleagues revealed that some of the most devoted iPhone users hadn't used the iPhone's "reachability" feature. I, for example, knew that when I ever accidentally double-tapped the button, the screen would move, but I never knew why. Now that I know, I'm obsessed and I think you will be too.